Primrose Vale's Pick Your Own Pumpkin Thurs 29th October

Primrose Vale Farm Shop
Shurdington Road
GL51 4UA
Booking your time on the farm - How it works...

Book your time slot for PYO pumpkins and raspberries (yes we still have some lovely ones to pick!) so that we can maintain social distancing on farm. Our play area requires booking too, but requires a separate ticket bookable through this portal.

All attending (including walking children) require a ticket. If only 1 ticket is remaining in a time slot, we only have tickets for one person!

In the absence of our Halloween trail, we want our customers to have access to Primrose Vale's pumpkins in a fun but safe way. Our muddy pumpkin patch is too far from the shop to pick from, so we have created an area on grass where you can choose from thousands... plus there's a few special ones for a photo opportunity!

However for the fields to open there are guidelines that every visitor must adhere to. We are implementing the following procedures and rules to ensure both you and our team are kept as safe as possible whilst on the farm.

A large number of farms around the UK are charging entry fees to pick a pumpkin this year. We would feel uncomfortable having to do this so please only book if you genuinely intend to come. "No shows" are frustrating for the many others who wish to pick. If you do change your mind please follow the cancellation instructions on your email confirmation / tickets.


Book tickets for a suitable time slot for the day required. Each person from your household attending, including all walking children, must each have an individual ticket.

Arrive within your chosen time slot to start picking. This will allow us to control the number of people in the fields at any one time.

Please follow the signs and park on the grass for the PYO - our tarmac area is reserved for shop customers. Our entry to the PYO is by the white marquee to the side of the shop. The grass car parking is more convenient for this entrance.

Groups of up to 6 people from the same household will be able to enter the fields, but must stay together as a close group to ensure social distancing is achievable. Please look after children responsibly. You know your children, so we are not enforcing an adult to child ratio, but we need you to be confident you can mange young ones effectively.

Please do not arrange to meet others at Primrose Vale, we are unable to accommodate gatherings, however permitted or socially distanced.

All customers will be asked to wash / sanitise their hands before entering the fields.

A limited number of sanitised wheelbarrows are available to rent for £2 to haul your crop in!


We will have a one-way system to get to the pumpkin picking area.

Once in the field we do ask you to supervise your children, and remember pumpkins will break if dropped, jumped on or kicked! Remember we have not charged entry, so we do ask you look after our pumpkins.

Customers are asked to only touch fruit they wish to take.

All customers are asked to respect social distancing rules and stay at least 2 metres away from other members of the public and our team members at all times.


Once you have chosen your pumpkins, picked raspberries, and taken a few selfies please leave the fields following the one-way system. There is no time limit to the time you may spend picking (inside opening hours!) but we do ask that you do not linger once you have finished picking.

We have a dedicated kiosk for payment - also selling ice creams , hot and cold drinks, and light refreshments. Should you wish to enter the shop, please pay for your Pumpkins first.

A hand wash / sanitiser area will be available to you to wash your hands before getting back into your car.

We strongly advise that although the risk from consuming fresh produce is low, no fruit is eaten until you have been able to wash it at home.

We will be releasing PYO tickets daily - at 5pm for the following day.. Please do check back every day if you are unable to book tickets.

Please note dogs are not allowed in the PYO area.

Primrose Vale Farm Shop
Shurdington Road
GL51 4UA